Submission Guidelines

(Currently closed)

We’d like to hear your thoughts. We aim to read your ideas. We want your inklings.

Write it through poetry.

Share it.

Submission Guidelines:

-The poetry must interpret our theme.
-Tagalog or English
-Free Verse or any form
-Times New Roman, 12 point font
-single spacing each line; double spacing for every stanza
-The whole poetry should be left aligned, including the title
-LENGTH: 4-5 stanzas (each stanza should contain at least 4 lines)
-each author may submit a maximum of 3 poems

-submitted poem must be unpublished.
-NO ATTACHMENT please. Copy-paste the poem/s at the body of the email.
-On the e-mail subject line, write: SUBMISSION: POETRY

–Send your manuscript at: inklingsofapoet [at] gmail [dot] com

Good luck! We look forward to your work.


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